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Iron & Nickel Meteorite


Extraterrestrial in origin.

Recovered in Gibeon, Great Namaqualand, Namibia.

2,345 Grams

Discovered by a farmer plowing his field, the Hoba meteorite is the largest in the world, weighing 66 tons, and is displayed exactly where it fell some 80,000 years ago near Grootfontein, Namibia. The Nama people used it to make tools and weapons.  In 1836, the English captain J. E. Alexander collected samples of the meteorite and sent them to London.  There Jon Herschel analyzed them and confirmed for the first time the extraterrestrial nature of the material -- estimated age is around 4 billion years old.  The fall covers an elliptical area of the 275 kilometers long and 100 kilometers wide, one of the largest strewn fields in the world.