Guerrero Amethyst - Right Side
Guerrero Amethyst - Scale
Guerrero Amethyst - Left Side
Guerrero Amethyst - Three Quarter
Guerrero Amethyst - Front
Guerrero Amethyst - Three Quarter with Label

Guerrero Amethyst Thumbnail Specimen from Guerrero, Mexico

This is a thumbnail specimen of amethyst from Amatitlan, Mun. de Zumpango del Rio, Guerrero, Mexico. Though small, this specimen is still easily recognizable as a Guerrero amethyst - it has the same elongated terminated point surrounded by smaller points on either side, and the same light but striking color. Guerrero amethyst are becoming harder and harder to find, because unfortunately the area is now controlled by the cartel, making specimens like these a limited resource. The main terminated crystal is well-defined with very beautiful growth patterns despite its smaller size. It also consists of two larger points inter-grown with smaller crystal growths along the sides. This would be a unique addition to any collection!

This specimen is approximately 4cm from tip to tip x .7cm x .7cm. You will also receive a free 'perky' display box and a label card with the mineral name and the locale where it was mined.